Who We Are

About GAME Bangalore

Global Academy for Montessori Education is a registered society with its headquarters in Bangalore, India. GAME Bangalore was formed to support the Montessori Trainings Courses, do advanced research in Montessori education and propagate the Montessori philosophy & Methods of Education.

GAME Bangalore is a national organization and admits institutional members as well as individual members. It is supported by members from all over India and abroad.

GAME Bangalore awards diplomas to the successful students of the courses being conducted every year.

The diploma qualifies the holder to apply the Montessori method of education to the children between two-and-a-half years and six years of age but not to children over six years. It does not qualify the holder to impart training in the Montessori method to adults in any form. It also entitles the holder to use the name ‘Montessori' in an institution for that group of children in his/her charge provided it is fully equipped, directed and organized, according to the requirements of the Montessori method as set forth during the course of training. In India, about thousands of individuals have been trained to be Montessorians since the first course conducted by Dr. Maria Montessori herself in 1939.

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