Montessori Courses

One Year Diploma Program

Global Academy for Montessori Education (GAME) specially designed the one year diploma course covering following subjects.

1.Montessori Theory
2.Montessori Practical
4.child Psychology
5.Child Nutrition
6.Early Childhood

Getting trained under GAME curriculum not only provides you the opportunity to enrich yourself with a deep understanding of Montessori methodology but also prepares you as a confident teacher through our various teaching and communications tips and guidance provided through our course. Online theory classes and practice classes in the nearby GAME center have made this program very convenient and sought after for our students. Our goal is to prepare you best in your Montessori teaching career and set you up for success in your professional life.

Uniquely developed study materials, approved by GAME, elaborate hands-on practice using wide range of Montessori materials raging up to 131 items are the features of this course.

In addition to the above, counselling sessions on soft skills Development, classroom management & entrepreneurship will also be part of this program.

Play Group(Todds) The Buds

Counselling sessions on Soft Skills Development, Classroom Management & entrepreneurship.

Workshops: Phonetics, Rhymes & Story Telling.

Ample practical examples on development of teachers soft skills, presentation skills, class management skills including decoration etc. In-depth practical knowledge on Child psychology..

Internship Self practice for 16 to 24 days in one of our select centres.

Placement: Placement assistance with in India and abroad, as well as in - house job opportunity on meeting our selection criteria